How to access the servers that run from Eclipse from others network’s computers


By default when JBoss starts, all applications are accessible through host local name localhost, i.e. the application testApp is accessible by the link http://localhost:8080/testApp.
However, sometimes it is necessary to access the server started from Eclipse from others network’s computers. It is required, for example, for testers to reproduce some situation and for us immediately  to see how the application is working or debug information, or to do initial testing of some functionality without making a new build for testing server.
To access the server onthe network, it is required to bind his address to
For example, to start JBoss server from command prompt, it is required to set flag -b to "". In the Windows operation system JBoss starts with command
run.bat -b
To start JBoss from Eclipse you need to:
1. Open view Servers. If it is not opened, you could open it through menu: Window->Show View->Servers
2. Select the server that must be accessible from others network’s computers and then select the command Open from the context menu (or press a button F3):
3. Select a tab Overview in the opened window. Find a section General Information and this section’s field Host name change to "":
4. Save changes.
Now, after the server started, it will be accessible by the computer name or IP address.
If it is required to access JBoss server by the special IP address, instead of  “” you have to indicate the particular IP address.